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Welcome to the website of the European Institute of Fraud Auditors (EIFA), the professional organization of fraud auditors in Europe.  EIFA has been founded in 2014 as an International non-profit organization. EIFA offers a unique platform for public-private networking and cooperation within the broader anti-fraud community in Europe.  EIFA holds a list of professionals in the public and private sector who are certified as "Registered Fraud Auditors". EIFA regularly organizes conferences and trainings on fraud related topics. EIFA will set standards for fraud auditing in Europe and encourage the establishment of local chapters in the Member States.
Frank Staelens RFA
President EIFA

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How to become a Registered Fraud Auditor

You can submit an application to become a Registered Fraud Auditor (RFA) if you comply with the following conditions:

Resident of the European Union;
3 years of professional experience with audit including fraud preventative, detective or investigative work, together with a university/ higher educational degree or certificate of 180 hours of education in the field of fraud audit. In the absence of such degree or certificate the candidate must proof 7 years of experience;
Send a motivated request for registration in English, containing certificates relating to training or education programs attended, attestations of professional experience and a detailed CV. The application form can be found under the membership tab;
Speak at least one of the languages of the EU Member State for which you have applied to become an RFA;
Follow regular legal update trainings (at least every 6 months) provided by a lawyer office recognized by the EIFA for all EU Member States for which you hold an RFA qualification. The list of recognized lawyer offices can be found under the activities/legal trainings tab.;
Comply with the EIFA standards, amongst which the Code of conduct and the Continuing professional education standard.

European Anti-Fraud Congress

The European Anti-Fraud Congress is an initiative of EIFA and IFA Belgium, with the participation of European Institutions and audit organizations . As members of one of the organizing or participating institutes you can benefit from preferential...

Belgian Chapter of EIFA

On 26 June 2014 IFA Belgium has decided to become a member of EIFA, thus becoming EIFA’s first local chapter. The website of IFA Belgium can be found on www.forensicaudit.be. IFA Belgium holds a list of 179 Registered Fraud Auditors...